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No matter what cover you need, you’ll find Direct Line could have the policy to match. Here’s a straightforward explanation of your cover options.

Comprehensive Insurance

This covers you if your car is stolen, damaged by fire or accidentally damaged. You’re also covered for claims made by other people for bodily injury or damage to their property.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This covers you if other people claim against you for injury or damage to their car or property, and if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

Third Party Only

This covers liability to third parties i.e. claims made by third parties, against you, for bodily injury or damage to their property. Please call us for details.

And that’s not all:

  • Accident Action Pack – what to do if you have an accident
  • 24 Hour Accident Helpline – expert help and advice at any time
  • 24 Hour Windscreen Helpline if your windscreen is damaged
  • Windscreen Repair for damaged windscreens (Comprehensive only)
  • Legal Protection (optional) – to recover your uninsured losses
  • See how much you could save – get a car insurance quote

When they first started back in 1985 they were actually the first telephone insurer in the country. This of course explains their logo of a big red telephone on wheels. Of course since then they have now added a computer mouse on wheels to go alongside the infamous red telephone, to show that people can order online now as well as over the phone with an agent.

Some of you may remember when they had a battle with fellow insurance company Esure over the use of a mouse on wheels in their log. Direct Line won. In more recent years the company has teamed up with the Royal Bank of Scotland. This has seen them join forces with companies such as Privilege and Churchill, to create a massive insurance division. One of the major things about Direct Line is that they are no included on any insurance comparison website. It is up to any company if they wish to be included in the likes of Direct Line have declined. This of course makes them stand out, but could result in lost business if people don’t want to be entering in their details numerous times. As to be expected by an insurance company of this size they offer a big range of insurance products. This includes car, travel, life, pets and home.

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You can also sign up via a separate (but related!) link if you want to sign up for business insurance. All of these are available to look at and sign up for online and as is pretty much standard these days you do get discounts for doing so. Discounts they have given in the past include day’s free car insurance each week or discounted travel insurance. Their home insurance policies include things such as – repairs by recommended contractors, new for old cover for contents and home emergency cover. If you sign up for them for your car insurance, then named drivers are able to earn their own (separate) no claims bonus and you also get discounts if you sign up to Direct Line for more than one car insurance policy.

Travel insurance covers accessories such as sunglasses and watched. If needed they can also transfer emergency money to you. They do tend to provide most insurance themselves although their breakdown cover is provided by Green Flag Motoring Assistance. One exception is their motorcycle policy which is provided by Devitt Motorcycle Insurance. It seems that they have really taken steps to gain the trust and respect of their customers.

In 2009 they were awarded the UK’s Most Trusted Insurer in the 2009. They were given this award due to brand loyalty, advertising campaign and their recent rebranding. They also are very big on the fact that they have UK based call centers, which consumers seem to really like. It is probably their jingle that has made them one of the more recognizable insurance companies throughout the country, however it is their easy to use website and great customer service reputation that has helped them build up a name as a trusted and reliable insurance company.

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