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Why should you be paying over the top for your car insurance? Well to be honest you should not pay too much, but you do need to shop around to get the best deals.  What are the options in making sure you get the cheapest car insurance you can afford.  The following are some tips on how to help you do this.

Don’t drive a big engine car.  Although we all like to look good driving around is a fast performance car, the category of insurance this puts you in will mean that you have to pay a very high car insurance premium.  To make sure that you pay the minimum car insurance, you need to reconsider the car you drive and drive a smaller engine family car.  Here, the worst thing you can possible do is to customise your car, as this will put your car in a special car insurance racket, for customised cars, which will make your car insurance premiums very expensive indeed.

Increase your deductibles.  The level of deductibles you have in the minimum amount you agree to pay before you are entitled to make a claim.  As such, if you want a deductible limit of £50, you should expect to pay more in car insurance than a person you agrees to a deductible limit of £500, as the person with the £500 deductible is far less likely to be making a claim than you are.

Consider the policy.  In the UK it is a legal requirement that the minimum car insurance you have is third party insurance.  With third party insurance you are insuring yourself against any claim made against you by a third party.  However, with this type of insurance you cannot make a claim for any damage done to your car.  As such, you need to give careful thought to whether you simply need cheap third party insurance or the more expensive fully comprehensive insurance.  Be careful though, if you have bought your car on credit, such as hire purchase lease or car loan, you may be required under the credit agreement to have fully comprehensive insurance until you have repaid the loan.

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Make sure the car is safe.  One of the biggest claims against UK car insurance providers is for theft or for items stolen from the car when left unattended (such as your car radio).  If you’re willing to spend a little extra installing additional safety features, you may well find that your UK car insurance company is willing to decrease the amount of premiums you have to pay.

Make sure you are safe.  Another way to decrease the cost of your insurance premiums is to be entitled to claim a “no claims bonus”.  You become entitled to no claims bonuses each year you drive the car without having to make a claim against the insurance company.  So, if you drive your car carefully, and become entitled to no claims bonuses, this should help you to reduce the cost of your car insurance premiums.

Look around for cheaper insurance.  Too many Britons seem to think that the first quote they get will not be that much different from any other car insurance quote they get.  In part this comes from the misconception that there is some form of industry standard rate to insure certain cars.  In fact nothing could be further from the truth.  Today’s UK car insurance industry is an extremely competitive one, and so if you are willing to spend some time looking around the internet and phoning car insurance companies you may well find that the premiums you are being quoted vary dramatically.

Whatever else you do, the UK government has strongly indicated that the days of taking the risk of driving without car insurance are over.  Indeed, soon the police will be able to cross check car number plates with video footage against the car insurance database to ensure that your car is insured. And, if it is not, you should plan on walking around for a long time.

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